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 We believe that in our time of modern computing, waiting for computer support should become a thing of the past. We utilize the latest technology to provide support services at a time convenient for you



  • Media Center Setup – This includes software and folders for television shows, photography, music, movies and any other media folders you may desire.Untitled13
  • Video to DVD Transfer  –  We can arrange to have your treasured videos transferred to DVD’s. Please call us and we can easily quote a price for this Untitled9service dependent on the number of videos and the quality.
  •  Web TV Setup Once you have established an account, we can easily setup  your WebTV account using your ISP.Untitled14
  •  MP3 Setup and Training –   We can set up your computer to enable you to download MP3 files or to download and transfer MP3 files to Untitled16other devices.
  •  Game Center Setup We can take the hassle out of you having to sit through tutorials! We can setup a game center Untitled6whether your home or office.
  •  Digital Camera Setup  -and Training – Many businesses are now shooting their own products and creating very professional photography using digital Untitled8cameras. We can setup and train employees to take product photos to save your company money.
  •  Universal Remote Setup All jokes about technology aside, setting up the Universal Remote can be a bit tricky, especially in a residence Untitled17situation with different applications. Your technician is able to train any member of your household how to program the universal remote.
  •  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) This technology enables the user to use the internet to call all over the world at very low or no rates. We can Untitled3setup VOIP on your computer.




  • Devices -  Virus Removals , Laptop Screen and Keyboard Repair | Slow Computers & Networks | Home VPN & WiFi |Untitled5
  • Parental Controls Cell phone Tablets, Laptops to PCs to Router are features which may be included in digital television services, computer and video games, mobile devices and software. Parental controls fall into roughly four categories: content filters, which limit access to age inappropriate content; usage controls, which constrain the usage of these devices such as placing time-limits on usage or forbidding Untitled12certain types of usage; computer usage management tools, which enforces the use of certain software; and, monitoring, which can track location and activity when using the devices
  • Home automation- Home automation comes in a variety of different forms – lighting and shade control, climate control, sprinkler and irrigation Untitled19systems, and even the internet connected sump pump. Not only is XSBG the technology
  • Hardware. Your home hardware is like you business hardware – you have PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones, and printers. All these devices have Untitled13to be supported, updated, and maintained. Xsbg offers managed service contracts, including updating and remote monitoring for all devices.
  • Mobile device integration. Integrating your smart phone to your home network is easier said than done. It requires a stable and secure wireless connection, the synchronization of mobile data, and the set-up of remote Untitled4management applications for your automation systems. Leave these details to the professionals, and find 
  • Data structuring. In the home, you need a network ready to handle secure and critical personal data, such as financial information. XSbg can either design and build a network for you, or work with your existing servers to Untitled19centralize your data and ensure its security. We also offer professional-level data backup and recovery services.
  • Auxiliary services. In the modern home, a wireless network connection is a necessity. Xsbg's technicians are certified wireless technology specialists, Untitled11experienced to handle all of your wireless and low-voltage wiring needs. We also offer home security and surveillance camera solutions, and home theater and other audio/visual needs.


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