Monitoring and Alerting Systems

Power and Environmental Monitoring products help proactively alert personnel before there is a critical issue and enable remediation without costly down time. Our monitoring products are flexible enough to act as intelligent stand-alone solutions or can be integrated into more comprehensive DCiM and building management systems.


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Advanced Alerts Configuration / Options
Web Performance Alerts

Group Alerts

Create your own Alert groups using various message formats, including: multiple e-mails, wireless device e-mail addresses, phones, numeric pagers and SMS devices. With the one-step interface you can easily add groups to your monitored device.
Web Performance Alerts by Time of Day

Alerts by Time of Day

Choose the time of day and/or day of the week when a particular group or individual is notified of a problem. Automatically send alerts to the overnight on-call team member at 6 PM or the weekend crew starting at 12:00 AM on Saturday morning.
Scripting for Custom Alerts

Custom Script Alert

If you need specialized Alert options, such as creating “problem tickets” in your help desk system or specially formatted e-mails, these can be accomplished using our customization alert scripts.



Uptime Alerts

Send an “Up-time Alert” message after Dotcom-Monitor detects that a problem is corrected.
Alerts upon Escalation

Alert Escalation

Create your own escalation support levels and, for example, notify Tier-1 support immediately after 30 seconds of downtime, Tier-2 support after 20 minutes of downtime, and Tier-3 support after 45 minutes of downtime. You can configure any individual or group of people to receive these alerts.
Alerts for Multi-Location Failures

Multiple Location Alerts

Initiate the Alert process only after a problem is detected by more than one website monitoring agent. This helps prevent receiving alerts related to common but intermittent Internet network problems.